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Dr. Jerry Jesseph said: “Peacefulness should be the place we begin rather than the place we try to achieve.”

Yes, Peace should be our starting point and I had a very nice surprise in New York and Miami where we had a full house, which means that a lot of people are realizing this, and looking to attract more peace and happiness in their life. People are tired of looking in the wrong places. I really couldn’t believe the response.

In an interview I did in Miami, I shared that through my experience, I believe that the USA is not ready yet. Some people called the radio show and actually got mad at me for saying that, I was only referring to “spiritually”!. I love this country and I am grateful for everything it gave me, including my spiritual awakening.

I am currently back in Los Angeles, but not for long. Tuesday I will be on my way to South America. Starting with Chile, were we are oversold, but we’ve decided to rent another room in the hotel with a camera and a screen to transmit simultaneously so that we don’t leave anybody out.

I am happy to announce that my book “Maluhia, the Happy City” is now available for pre-order. If you reserve your copy now, you also get a 30% discount on all my digital products. Best of all, you don’t have to wait to start reading—you can claim the first two FREE chapters here and enjoy them NOW. Why wait to be happy?

If you are a follower of my teachings—if you’ve read my books or heard me speak—you know how often I talk of letting go, trusting, and allowing life to be guided by our heart. I believe inspiration is a magical part of who we are. It is our higher self—all-knowing and wise. I also think if we follow our heart, it will lead us to all the peace and abundance we could want. Sometimes that heart is leading us right back to the brain. After all, the mind is one of the universe’s most magnificent and powerful creations. We should use it wisely.

It is not only the vehicle by which make all our choices, but home to the personal responsibility we must take to discover our true Divinity.

There is an old quote that says, “the brain is a wonderful servant, but a horrible master.” It is true. We all know how the mind can take us into dark corners—stress, worry, and negative thinking, along with replaying old tapes, living in the past, and longing for the future. It can do all of this because the brain is powerful beyond measure. But, here is the other side of that coin: we can deliberately choose to have much more power over what’s going on inside our brain than we ever imagined. We can turn our brain into a toolthat will make our lives run easier and happier than ever before. If we use our minds wisely, they can bring us closer to God, truth and all the abundance we desire.

Let me show you how in this month’s Q&A topic:

Taking control of your mind begins by taking responsibility for the circumstances in your life, which includes all those seemingly negative events, which can be transformed into valuable life lessons. Control of the mind is like putting yourself in the driver’s seat—owning your power. And in our crazy world that is spinning faster and faster, owning your power is more important than ever. The secret to mastering the mind is simple: the more you are aware of how you are influencing the energies around you, the more you control what comes your way.

We must learn to harness this power of the mind for our growth and good health, so that we may become who we were destined to become. We must use the brain for what it was truly intended—a more peaceful and meaningful life. A more awakened life.

Open your mind and join me as we take back control of our minds and discover the power within. Take control how you choose to think and feel about things.

Your life will never be the same.

Ready for some mind-boggling facts?

With love,

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