The Search for Peace and Justice

Look at the United Nations calendar, and you’ll see a long list of days set aside to promote international awareness on a whole range of important issues, including poverty, exclusion, gender equality, human rights, and racial injustice. On this month’s calendar, you will find two more important days with long names that might keep you from paying attention. But we must pay attention, now more than ever.

These two days are:

  • International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism
  • International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

I found it no accident that the two days were so close together on the calendar. When you think about it, slavery and terrorism are the same things. They are both an invasion of our space and the theft of our inalienable right to be free. What’s more, slavery and terrorism both feed off fear, hatred, and intolerance, while also seeking to prevent the individual from recognizing their true essence as a Divine spark of the Universe.

I’ll say it again: we must pay attention.

Slavery and terrorism are still thriving in our society. In fact, they are growing as fast as COVID-19, and are just as lethal. And, yes, you could argue that slavery was abolished years ago. But if these unsettling times have taught us anything, it is this: slavery is still happening in many parts of the world — we are not as free as we thought. We are still being terrorized. Turn on the news, and you can see that a new breed of terrorism and slavery is happening everywhere.

And, of course, as long as our hearts and minds are closed off from seeing the beauty and individuality in all people, we will never be free. And if we cannot see the beauty in one another, we will never see it in ourselves. If we cannot accept and respect ourselves, we will never accept and respect others. We will forever be slaves to our minds — victims of our own terrorism. In short, we will never know peace.

As an international ambassador for peace and the recipient of the 2012 Mil Milenios de Paz Peace Flag, the concept of peace in our lifetime has always been close to my heart. I have come to understand that we will never know real peace in the world until we discover that peace begins within, which is why Peace Within is World Peace has become the mantra of my life.

But, how do we fight for peace? It’s a good question, especially when we find ourselves facing many of the same problems that we faced generations ago. I think we begin by opening our eyes and realizing that we don’t really need to fight for peace. It has been with us all along.

We must simply slow down and remember that peace is part of the natural state of who we are. This was why I created my Zero Frequency™ Program — a suspension of mind and thought that allows us to experience the peace and fullness of the Present Moment. What already is, and what we already have.

I call this a return to our natural state of Zero — the limitless state that comes when we live in the now — present, conscious, free of judgment — allowing our hearts to open to the wisdom, love, and peace that already lives within each of us. This state of Zero allows us to open our hearts to the love and beauty of all those around us. It shows us how to love again. In harmony, as one big family. All as one — equals.

And from this state of Zero, we will hopefully realize that we can’t be fully conscious, and at peace, unless we are willing to stand up for our freedom, while also respecting human rights and dignity for all.

Ultimately, we remember the victims of terrorism and slavery so that we can remind ourselves what happens when we close our eyes, stop listening, thinking, acting or reaching out to others with compassion and love.

We remember so that we will be brave enough to stand up against all forms of tyranny and hatred, and so that we will never allow anyone to take away our freedom again.

We remember so that we will stand up together, united not by faith or country, but by a deeper awareness that knows we all come from the same spark of the Universe.

We remember so that we will, at long last, have peace, happiness and justice for all.

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