Tolerance and the path to a Better World

“Relationships are based on four principles: respect, understanding,
acceptance, and appreciation.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Tolerance is a magical gift that allows us to peacefully belong to the same planet — to live as good neighbors and friends while working towards common goals that will uplift and support our society. Tolerance is not only the backbone that will allow our world to live in harmony, but it is also the steppingstone to bringing lasting peace into our hearts.
More than that, tolerance is an essential spiritual principle that guides us on how to live more conscious lives while reminding us that we are all connected to the same thread of the Universe. We all come from the stars — part of the same Divinity. In fact, the moment we recognize that we are all spiritual beings, there is no longer room for intolerance (judgment). There is only room for acceptance and love. In Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving, we know that whatever we see in others is in us. Just programs replaying in our subconscious mind.
Unfortunately, these days, tolerance is a rare and often commodity. Many cynics will tell you that tolerance no longer exists (assuming they could define it). Of course, you don’t need to live in the United States to know that we are a world divided by much more than oceans and mountains. We are divided by politics, religion, class, economics, and so many other things we’ve discussed time and again.
But the truth is, when you take a much closer look, you will see that these “divisions” are really the manifestations of something larger and deeper. Put under the microscope, and you will see that we are actually divided by mistrust, fear, anger, judgments, opinions, and limiting beliefs. In short, we are separated not by who we are but by what we think and believe.
In today’s fractured world, we need more than ever to find ways to bring the world closer together. I can’t think of a better place to begin than with tolerance.
Fortunately, on November 16, the world celebrates International Day of Tolerance, a day the United Nations has designated for fostering mutual understanding among people and cultures. Their goal is to celebrate diversity and find ways to put tolerance into practice. They further aim to develop a dialogue and build a mutual understanding among all people, culminating in peaceful co-existence.
It’s a long-overdue goal and one that fills me with hope. I believe that despite all of the divisive storms we are currently experiencing, we are on the cusp of embarking on a new era — our moment to unite and to begin the long and healing journey of bringing love and respect back to our global dialogue. It’s time we become the great family we are.
Of course, as part of this journey, we have to be careful about how we define tolerance in the first place. Many people confuse tolerance with “tolerate” or the act of “putting up” with people. Many times, we accept someone while still judging them, or believing we’re right, or better, or above them. This is ego disguised as tolerance, and it’s a silent poison that still divides.
Today’s challenging times call for a new breed of tolerance — one that will teach our children (our future) the universal truths that will help them build a new type of world.
This new blueprint for tolerance must be void of ego and free from all judgment and negative thinking. This new tolerance must include forgiveness, patience, and respect.
This new tolerance must be born out of love and empathy, and the curiosity that comes when we seek to understand and appreciate those who come into our lives. We must recognize and appreciate what we have in common — our strengths and imperfections, our hopes and struggles. And, of course, at the same time, we must also accept and celebrate our cultural, religious, and racial diversity as a treasure that enriches us all.
You put all this together and, ultimately, this new tolerance must spring from our hearts and the core of our Being. It is from this sacred space of freedom and love where we will be able to cross bridges so that we can meet each other where we are.
This is how we will build a new world together — a loving and peaceful world where all are welcome.
I invite you to live at Zero Frequency®.

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