peace within is world peace
Peace within is world peace Mabel Katz

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Desiree Today with MabelKatz, shares The Easiest Way to Confidence & Peace. February 2017

 Ho’oponopono: The Easiest Way to Live. Mabel from Tel Aviv, Israel. Esperanza Argentina Radio. Argentina – May 19, 2014 

In Spanish – Radio Interview with Mabel Katz.
The Easiest Way to Live
Señal Informativa – Canal 44. Guadalajara, Mexico – March 12, 2014 

Weekly Show in Humanitarian Radio with Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview about Ho’oponopono, practice of problem solving for achieving peace, clarity of purpose and living more effectively. February 2016

Interview with Mabel Katz about Ho’oponopono, Zero Frequency® and The Peace project.Hungary – November 7th, 2013


Ho’oponopono and World Peace Interview with Mabel Katz,

Public Peace Prize Laureate as Peace Weaver. February 2015

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