peace within is world peace
Peace within is world peace Mabel Katz

Flor de Lis symbol

During my trips to Israel I kept seeing the flor-de-lis sign on the foam in my cappuccinos. It left an impression but I thought little of it until my very last trip.

I was having lunch one day by myself at the beach in Tel-Aviv when the waiter brought me a cappuccino, and I saw it there so clearly. I got goose bumps and I asked; “Is this a cleaning tool?” Then the goose bumps came even stronger. I had many of these rushes coming and going through my body, as I asked if it was ok to share it with people. More cold rushes! It is not very common for me to have these sensations (remember, I am Argentinean, Jewish, accountant and Virgo), all of which keep me in battle with my intellect but, in this case, I was sure the Universe was trying to tell me something!

I didn’t have any doubt in my head that it was a cleaning tool, but I decided to check and confirm it with Ihaleakala, as I wanted to be sure. At other times I had gotten my own cleaning tools through inspiration, but I knew this one was a different and special one. When I asked Ihaleakala, this was his response:

“Flor-de-Lis is a cleansing process that releases memories of bloodshed of constant warfare and slavery to ideas, places, situations and beliefs that result in constant warfare. The way to use it “I put the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.” -POI, IHHL

Later on that same day, he sent me another e-mail saying: “Our minds are stuck in constant warfare with ourselves!” 

Yes, think about it, the worst wars are the ones inside our heads. Our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments, are our worst enemies. Everything we see is through our own perceptions, what we decided to believe was right or wrong. If you are ok, everybody will be ok. Peace starts with you. Please don’t let the intellect convince you that it is easier to suffer and worry than to repeat mentally “I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation.”

We all need to be reminded and as Ihaleakala says: “We need all the help we can get!” So you can put the picture you see here around the house or at work as a reminder to do the cleaning and to support you on your way. You can also put this on your website to help you and others with the cleaning too! The more we let go and let God, the better it is for all of us, and the more people cleaning, the better it is for all of us too. We all benefit. Whatever gets erased from them, it will erase from us!

Enjoy Peace beyond understanding!

Mabel Katz

Flor de Lis is the symbol of the new times, of the new era, of what is being born and beginning to take place in our beloved planet.

The new ideas that we are giving birth to, recreating and co creating, putting into new words that include hidden and evident knowledge of humanity and of the Universe. These ideas have already been created in some space and time, in the evolution of Humanity and have now become Beings with pure hearts, pure energy.

The Flor de Lis is the bearer of:

Get ready to welcome this New Era, the Era where Energy prevails!



The experience of “Sacredness” is essential in order to enter another stage of consciousness. This is an “emblem flower”. There is an ancient and secret doctrine behind that emblem. There is a symbol in the signature of this sacred flower. An ancient symbol: a secret that only the initiated know about. The secret of “sacredness.”

Each person perceives those things that belong to the highest level of consciousness to which he has access. The lips of Wisdom remain closed before the profane. But the flower is there, perfect and harmonious, to symbolize “sacredness”, to grant us access to it. And she does not deny herself, she is all devotion. It’s enough to look at her”.

The Angel of the Paradise rescues the ancestral memory of the race, the yearning for perfection, it dresses up as a flower, descends to Earth and shows herself, imperceptibly but she does show herself… I am not a Fallen Angel, I am an Elevated Being descending through a flower and I will show each what he can see… I will reveal what each can stand… because the truth is often unbearable. It is a blinding light. So, each one regulates the flow of energy and receives as much as he can absorb. The Lis doctrine is a secret that only the ancient hermetists know about.

Wisdom, experience in wisdom, this is the quality of the flower. It helps you to get closer to “sacredness”. To get closer to a Greater Truth, to a conscious spirituality and to understand the Planetary Hermetic Wisdom.

You… you, who reads, you who listens… Do you still choose the duality? Or do you prefer to move forward?

Everything that the human being has experienced and that is registered in his genetic code has to be removed so that his inner conscience can be freed. It is there that the potential of this mutation is dynamited, transforming and irradiating in the adequate proportion and vibration for each member of the animal kingdom.

Apart from other meanings, the Flor-de-lis is an esoteric symbol that has acted a lot from the subtle levels of consciousness, transmuting disharmonious situations that could have been even more tragic.

One of its tasks is to internally stimulate the formation of esoteric patterns used to capture the apparel of the new man (appearance of the 5th race).

The flor-de-lis teaches that the spirit has the duty to serve the spiritual world; the soul serves the intuitive world; and the outer I serves the world of shapes.


The shape of the flor-de-lis:


If we look at the flower we can see it has the shape of a compass, pointing to the right place, the north, the rectitude, the safe orientation. Seen from the side it looks like a flying bird, it symbolizes the Phoenix, the beginning of death and resurrection. The dove, the Holy Spirit.



It has six petals, three in the upper part and three in the lower part. These make two tetrahedrons that interweave and symbolize the Trinitarian correspondence between heaven and earth. In the center, where the upper and the lower parts meet, the flower has a ring that represents unity and fidelity between heaven and earth.



The central axis, forming a sword with two cutting edges, a double-edged weapon, reminds us how to use it and its consequences. The upper central petal represents heaven, the heavenly duties. The lower central petal represents the earth, the earthly duties.


The two upper side petals are God’s eyes, with peripheral vision on alert, and the balance of opposed forces. The lower right petal represents the achievement of the balance of opposed forces and the one on the left reminds the service to our fellow men.



The three inferior leaves of the Flor-de-lis refer to three fundamental states of Being, which the spiritual worker has to reach and integrate before reaching the three superior states of the Being represented by the three superior leaves of the Flor-de-lis once it has gone through the central fringe.



CHRISTIC LOVE: The inferior left leaf represents Christic Love.



This relationship forms and consolidates a column of alignment and balance of the three inferior chakras, whose strength and stability is necessary to keep our heart open intensely and permanently. The consolidation of this “power column” takes place after our correct settlement and integration in the earthly and human reality, due to our knowledge of the vital energetic current that we permanently receive from Mother Earth and that allows us to keep alive.

Let the flor de lis symbol remind you to clean and release
negative programming.

Let’s work together to break free from the slavery of our beliefs, opinions and judgments. Just copy and paste the code below and put it on your websites, get others to do the same so we can create a PEACE & LOVE Pandemic together. Remember, Peace can heal anything!

To share the peace campaign even further, add this to your signature line so it is at the bottom of your outgoing emails: 

I believe PEACE is Possible

Join me in this the world peace campaign!

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