Trust: The muscle of champions

I often look back and wonder how my life changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. One minute I was a tax accountant and the next minute I was an inspirational speaker and international peace ambassador! Life happens so quickly that it’s easy to forget how we got to where we are. But, here’s the thing. We should never forget. If we want to replicate success, we need to remember how we achieved it in the first place. If it’s true that we should learn from our failures, it’s equally true that we should learn from our successes.

And the truth is, my achievements are a direct result of some very specific actions I took, many of which you will find in virtually any of the self-help blogs that fill up the internet. I worked hard and paid my dues. I challenged myself, took risks, and committed my efforts to what I knew was my calling. There is no denying that you need the right actions to succeed. I was no exception.

However, there are other reasons we succeed that the experts don’t tell you about. Perhaps they don’t know. I’m talking about things like opening your heart, living in the moment, and seeking awareness. These are the real and practical tools I had to learn before I could take any meaningful steps in my life. I also had to learn personal responsibility, along with the inner knowingness that all my happiness and success was “inside of me” and would never come from an “outside source.”

These are the magic tools of the universe. And contrary to what we have been told, these tools are not just the instruments of saints, mystics, and prophets, but the tools of champions — entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, innovators, and athletes. They are open to all of us.

Master these tools and you will change your universe.

Now, at the top of this page is arguably the most important tool you can master. It is the tool that overshadows all the other tools. In fact, it is what makes the other tools possible.

This tool is trust. It is the muscle of champions.

It might seem that trust would be an easy concept to master. But, saying you trust and actually trusting are often two entirely different things. To truly trust is to trust in yourself and your inspiration. To trust is to also trust in the world around you.

And, let’s be honest, neither propositions are easy, which is why we must train ourselves. For me, it was a new practice, a muscle I consciously decided to develop. And I can honestly say that learning to trust was the key to where I am today.

I know trust doesn’t come easy. The world is a cynical place. All around us people are being hurt, abused, and ignored. They’re becoming sick, going bankrupt, being taken advantage of; left alone, lost, hurt, dying. How can we trust that we’re going to be okay when there is so much misery in the world? How can we trust that our lives will be better?

They are all good questions. And I will answer by pointing to the sun. We already trust that the sun will rise each morning. Or the moon and stars give us their light. The planet will rotate each night. Our hearts will beat. We trust that those we love will treat us a certain way. We even trust that the food they serve us at a restaurant is in good condition and free of poisons, or that other drivers will pay attention while driving. The list is endless! Of course, it is smart to be open to surprises, but, without a foundation of trust, living would be impossible. We would remain locked up in our room, victimized by our infernal paranoias.

So, the fact is, we don’t need to learn how to trust. We already know how to do it! We just need to do more of it. And, I will tell you this. Life is so much more enjoyable and exciting when we believe in a world that is working on our behalf, when we trust in the synchronicity of life, in life’s wisdom and magic.

And the more we trust, the more we can step out of our comfort zone, which will then help us to expand and become who we were meant to become. And the more we trust (even with the hard challenges of life), the more life will continuously conspire to help us grow and become conscious and aware, which is the whole purpose of our existence.

So, next time you feel that wave of mistrust fall over you, flex those muscles and stay vigilant and strong. You’re preparing to become a champion. Do everything in your power to find things to believe in, to trust in. If you need a little help, talk to the Boss and ask for the guidance you need. Now, whether you call that Boss Spirit, Consciousness, Universe, Source, or the Creator, it doesn’t matter. That Consciousness will be directing you to follow your heart, which is the only place where trust will be found. It certainly won’t be in the mind.

The best part about trusting life is that it will help you trust yourself, which will bring you more love and happiness than you could ever imagine. After all, you are here as an expression of Life itself, and Life doesn’t believe in waste. It hasn’t made the effort to bring you here for no reason. God, the Universe, knows your talents and is waiting for you to manifest them in service to a better world. If you follow your heart’s desire and you ground yourself in trust, you will be rewarded with a life that will exceed all your worldly expectations.


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