The power of women to build lasting peace

The Network of Colombian singers is a group of powerful women who use Colombian music as a tool to preserve their culture and promote peace. For several years, they have managed to attract young people from different communities who have been torn apart by the armed conflict in Colombia — a country which finds itself a long way from peace.

This is an example of the power that women have when they awaken to discover their true selves, along with their unique talents and gifts. If women follow their hearts, they can do wonderful things for others, while becoming the leading architects of peace in our world.

A month ago, during my tour in Chiapas, Mexico, I met with the indigenous artisan women from the Kip Tik shop, a very talented group who, through their art and creativity, have managed to connect with the sensibility and power that characterizes all women. These women are not only wonderful examples for their daughters and their community, but they show us all how art and creativity can unite and empower us all.

Intellects know how to create wars; they don’t know how to create peace. Our society needs to connect more with the heart, which is why women must begin to rediscover their power and learn how to use it in order to create a sustainable peace for all.

To do this, women must begin to rely more on their own intrinsic way of seeing things — using their perception and creativity. And especially their sixth sense. Unfortunately, women can limit themselves with the fear that comes when they are afraid to express the things they know and believe. We may all have solutions, but we don’t always share them, because we don’t trust ourselves, or maybe because we can’t explain how we know certain things. Our knowingness often goes beyond explanation.

It is safe to say that it is a little easier for women to connect with emotions than men, and to perceive situations in a different and more unique way.

Ultimately, women’s meaningful participation will consolidate peace. This is verifiable and real. When the resolution of conflict seeks lasting peace, we need the intervention and opinions of women. According to the UN, women’s meaningful participation in a peace process increases the likelihood that an agreement will last for more than 15 years, in no less than 35% of the cases.

This is true because a woman’s energy is more subtle and tends to consider the “whole” rather than the “parts,” as well as the sustainability of the desired result rather than the punctual and immediate success. Of course, this does not mean that men cannot use their power gently, but women, even coming from different cultures, all agree that there are differences, neither better nor worse, simply different from that of a man. It’s not about feminism, it’s about the natural talents that women have. We must awaken these talents so that it will lead us to discover our true selves and help us all contribute to the end of conflict and the beginning of lasting peace.

Although many remarkable women have been able to lead peace movements and drive the recovery of many communities, there is still a significant absence of women present in peace negotiations.

Women have proven to be agents of change and peace and should strive to seek out opportunities to continue working to achieve this goal. And to be clear, it is not necessary to be in the midst of a conflict or a war to work toward peace. We can continue to bring peace and happiness to our lives, which in turn will bring peace and happiness to our families, our communities, and the world. We just have to trust ourselves.

With love,

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