The peaceful path to abundance

The Peaceful Path to Abundance - Peace Within IS World Peace  Shall we discover our purpose and share our talents with the world? Shall we find joy? Know love? And be rewarded with all the fruits that come from our efforts?

It is a richness of abundance that is not for the precious few, but the birthright for all who dare to claim it.  And it’s closer than we think. All we need to do is welcome this abundance into our lives. And it begins with peace.

Fortunately, peace lives within each of us. It is a tiny seed ready to sprout for those willing to recognize that we are each 100% responsible for the realities we create, and that no matter what happens in our surrounding world, we should always begin each day with the simple truth that “peace begins with me.”

We call this the peaceful path to abundance. And it’s waiting for you.

It is a perfect path where we can all love what we do, and do what brings us joy and meaning. And on this perfect path, life is easy because we’re using our unique talents and following our individual truths. It is a path where we can attract all the money and resources we need, but without hurting or taking advantage of others. Instead, we shall choose love and acceptance, both for others and ourselves. It is a boundless road where we have the freedom to think and perceive in different ways—and to create the life we imagine.

We must simply turn on the light and let go and let God, instead of reacting, engaging and repeating the destructive memories and patterns that lead to spiritual bankruptcy.

Turning on the light is what we do when we practice the Ho’oponopono “cleaning.” Ho’oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving. Applying very easy and effective tools, we can all let go and allow Love (God) to erase those unwanted memories—the beliefs, opinions, and judgments that keep us from an abundant life. As this clear inspiration flows into our lives, we are gifted with the right ideas and perfect solutions to create the abundance we desire. The beautiful thing is, this works for everyone. What’s more, whatever gets erased from us will get erased from our families, relatives, and ancestors.

After all, the Peaceful Path to Abundance is meant for everybody.

Join us as we each work toward our own personal transformation, as we each plant the seeds for more happiness, peace and abundance in our lives, so we can collectively create a happier and more peaceful world.

Let us each remember that Peace Begins With ME. Peace within is world Peace.

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