The mystery of the flor de lis: A story of love and gratitude

The Mystery of the Flor de lis: A Story of Love and GratitudeYou don’t have to spend too much time around me to know how much I love and trust that sweet six-petal flower that we call the Flor de Lis. It adorns my bracelet,  pins and  my website. More than that, it fills my heart and soul with its energy and its power to clean and transform the lives of those who will embrace it.

I still remember the day it entered my life. Like all great gifts, it came mysteriously and quietly. I was sitting at a coffee shop in Israel. I looked down and there it was, the Flor de lis sitting on top of the foam of my cappuccino. I smiled, not knowing that my soul had been stirred. There was much more to it than the barista’s artwork. There was a certain energy behind it. I could feel the chill running down my spine. It was confirmation that it was a cleaning tool that could set us free and change lives.  Immediately, I contacted my teacher Dr. Ihaleakalá, who confirmed my feelings, telling me that, in fact, the Flor de lis was a cleaning process that releases the memories of bloodshed and constant warfare as well as slavery to ideas, places, situations and beliefs that result in continuous battles. “Our minds are stuck in constant warfare with ourselves,” he said. “The way to clean it is to repeat mentally, ‘I put the Flor de lis on the situation.’”

The words spoke to my heart, which already knew that what he was saying was true. The most horrific wars are always the ones in our heads, which is why our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments are our worst enemies. It’s a challenging battle to wage. With one small cappuccino, however, the Universe had provided a great tool to help me win this war.

Of course, the wisdom of the Flor de lis has been around for thousands of years. While it has traditionally been used to represent French royalty, it goes back further than that to the time of Jesus. It can even be found in the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico. Then, of course, there is St. Germain, whose singular mission in life was to bring the Flor de lis as the threefold flame of God into every heart.

I found this out firsthand during our spiritual trip to Mt. Shasta. Our tour guide was channeling St. Germain. At the end of the channeling, he said that he thought it was a good time for us to finish our dialog and do some shopping. I asked him if we could buy something for him. After a long pause, he affectionately replied that he only wanted one of my Flor de lis pins.

I still get goose bumps when I think of that moment. The same goose bumps I received in prior years, channeling with him, when he said he was grateful for the work I was doing here on Earth.

Of course, St. Germain’s message is clear. The Flor de lis is a gift that belongs to us all. We just need to claim it. Embrace it in our lives. Let’s be clear, though, that the choice is ours alone. We can suffer, worry, and keep fighting the wars inside our heads. Or we can believe that “Peace Begins With Me” and then choose to “put the Flor de lis on the situation.”

I understand that life can be challenging, and as Dr. Ihaleakalá likes to say, “we need all the help we can get.” The Flor de lis is one of the most powerful tools I have found for cleaning. It is like a vortex where problems are transmuted and possibilities begin. It is a tool created from love and made more powerful by those who use it.

From all over the world I have seen firsthand how men, women, and children have found different ways to bring the Flor de lis into their lives. They put labels of the

Flor de lis on photographs, mobile phones, folders, and computers. They use screen savers, wear bracelets, and clip-on pins. I have also seen the miracles and transformations that have happened when individuals embrace its energy and power—all by simply putting the Flor de lis on the situation. Six powerful words to match the six powerful petals.

I still smile at that first cappuccino. My gift from the universe. It is a gift that shows the power of God’s love to help those who will help themselves. It is my hope that you will embrace this gift for yourself.

It is my hope that the Flor de lis will serve as a reminder for you to do the cleaning that will free your mind and change your life.

It is my hope that the Flor de lis will serve as a symbol to stay present and in the moment, the only place where peace will find you.

It is my hope that the Flor de lis will serve as a symbol of a new beginning on our beloved planet, one where we will become co-creators in our mission to become Beings with pure hearts, living in service to Humanity.

Let the Flor de lis serve as a symbol that something magnificent is about to change, a promise that good news is about to come, that darkness will become light and each of us will discover our own power to live happy, abundant and peaceful lives.

Last time I visited Israel I found the Flor de lis in many places, but now on the cappuccinos you also find hearts and other things. You can see some pictures here,

You can also visit  our Flor de lis store where you will find many products that will help you to bring more peace into your life 24 hours a day.

If it’s good enough for St. Germain, it’s good enough for all of us. 

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