Do you feel the World is worse than ever before and that everybody is against you?
Remember…..The problem is not the problem, but how you react to the problem is the problem.
You are the only one that can change the way you perceive, think, feel and react.
Do you see yourself little and impotent and think you can not make a difference?
How do you think you will feel when you find out you are bigger and more influential that you have ever imagined?
Do you think that feeling that way can affect others and the World?
It is our responsibility to bring more light and more people to consciousness. We must remain present and aware.
Through our own personal transformation, we will transform the World.
If we are OK. Everybody will be OK
Let’s Unify and Inspire US first and then the World.

Reasons you will want to participate:

You want to remember who you really are.
You want to make a difference
You know you came to do something that is bigger than yourself
You want to be at Peace no matter what
You want to be happy for no reason
You are tired of blaming and complaining and know it doesn’t work

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