peace within is world peace
Peace within is world peace Mabel Katz

Putting training into practice

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I have joyously traveled all over the world—from Belgrade to India, Israel to Argentina and all the way back to the United States—helping devoted seekers find the Easiest Way to Live. Along the way, I have shared many truths that will hopefully help people take personal responsibility for their life—bringing them happiness and peace of mind.

Personal responsibility is always the first step to an awakened life. Awareness is curative.

And, for those of you who have come to my training, you already know one of the first things we need to take responsibility for—our thoughts. As I always like to say, we need to stop the crazy of the house. You know what I’m talking about. The part of ourselves that is constantly talking. The part of ourselves with all the opinions, judgments, and attitudes. Stopping this crazy mind from taking control of our lives is the only way to stay present, react less and achieve true inner peace.

In my training, we begin this challenge by loving and accepting ourselves. We know we do not need to be perfect. Better yet, we know we are perfect just the way we are. We also know that accepting and loving ourselves is the only way we will transform the planet.

Of course, to know the truth is one thing. To put it into practice is entirely different. It’s where the real magic lives.

So, when I see my students take the truths we learn in our training and begin to apply them in their lives, well, nothing could make me happier. It’s the reason we’re here—to not only discover HOW to live an easier life but to actually LIVE an easier life.

With that in mind, I was happy to receive the following email from my student Larisa, who, like so many of my students, is showing me the amazing insights we receive during and after each training. Larisa had just participated in my training in Belgrade, and a week before that, she was at my training in Zagreb. In fact, this was her seventh time attending my training.

Her poetic words are living reminders of what we can do with our lives when we become awake. Enjoy. I know I did!

MY PEACE FOR WORLD PEACE: Thoughts from Larisa in Belgrade

HelIo Mabel, I feel the need to share with you my experience of deep transformation that I went through at your seminars in Zagreb and Belgrade last month.

A few days prior to the trainings I found that people were really starting to get on my nerves. Some I knew. Some I didn’t. But it didn’t matter. They were all getting on my nerves. And for no apparent reason.

Some of them might have said something I didn’t like, others did something I would have never done, and there were still others who were bothering me simply because they found themselves in the same place as I was.

I could neither get away from others nor help myself. It was an internal battle without a winner. It lasted two full days. And while it was happening I appeared to be the smartest and happiest person in the world.

At the same time, stories of Vukovar were being shown on television. This was a horrible war my country was waging. It was nothing but conflict—victims and winners.

My mind protested: I do not like war or violence of any kind. This should not happen between people! I do not like going back to the past, searching for a culprit and pointing fingers.

And again I turned into the smartest person in the world, pointing my finger at all those who thought differently. How do you not understand?! There is no winning side in a war… both sides end up losing! What happened in Vukovar should never happen again, anywhere in the world… Afghanistan… Palestine…Israel…Nobody should scorn others for their ethnicity, religion, skin color. Nobody should be “guilty” just because they are different!

Oh boy…when I thought about it…I was waging war in the same way. I can only see it now! It is true I do not have a shotgun on my shoulder, but am I not doing the same thing? Every time I argue, judge, criticize…or every time I am being a know-it-all, or when I list others’ faults in my mind (without even saying the words).

I am doing the same thing. I am pointing a finger. I am moralizing. I hurt others with my thoughts. No shotgun necessary. It makes no difference whether I am arguing or sulking or ignoring. I am still plunging the knife in others hearts. Most of all my own.

I am fighting an internal battle, and there is no winner.

This awareness did not come to me to make me depressed or to stop me, or humiliate me. It came to be cleansed, healed, liberated, and released. Enough with the punishing of others and myself. It is enough just to love. I do not need to point my finger at politicians, governments, presidents, chiefs of state or warlords.

It all depends on me. No more, no less!

All! For world peace.

This awareness did not come by accident either. Everything that happened needed to happen just the way it did. It all needed to be taken to the extreme. Two absurd things were happening at the same time—my getting annoyed at the world AND the horrible violence in Vukovar. They happened in my mind (nowhere else) in order for my soul to put two and two together…

Who suffers when I judge another?

Who am I rejecting when I reject another?

Who do I punish when I point a finger?

Can I accept that there are people who are different than me? Who think differently…

Can I accept them even if I disagree with them? Even if they do something that I never would?

Even if I do not understand? Even if it makes me angry?

Can I?

And can I be calm when somebody gets on my nerves? When they bother me? When they tell me things I do not agree with? When I do not understand?

Whom do I owe my peace? Others… or myself?

Of course, this does not mean that I should socialize with people I do not like. I do not need to spend time with them. I do not need to be their best friend. But I can still love them.

Loving happens inside.

Loving is easy.

That is what I can do for world peace.

No more than that.

And no less.

I’d like to thank Larisa for sharing her story. It was beautiful. A great awakening is taking place here. And it’s a good lesson for us all. To stop harming ourselves. To practice self-trust, gratitude and forgiveness.

I believe if you come to this place often enough and you commit to practicing, you just might find yourself living in a paradise of your own. So, let’s start this New Year by allowing ourselves to be ourselves. To become more aware. If we do that, we can create a better world for ourselves, our children and all of us.

And I think that would be a beautiful thing.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Spread peace and love

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