How Zero Frequency® Can Change your Life

We are living at a time when many people believe that humanity’s future on our planet is at risk. More and more people are feeling the weight of these heavy times, and not just global stress, but personal stress as well — financial challenges, illness, loneliness, depression, lack of purpose. We’re a struggling planet seeking to find our way, both as citizens of the earth, and members in the small world we call home. In short, we are looking for peace and happiness.
More than that, we are looking for answers.
Of course, there is no shortage of people who will happily offer you their own unique brand of help, usually offered as a step by step journey that will guarantee you will get from A to Z in X amount of time. While well-meaning for sure, I have found that the more potent answer lies not in so much a journey, but as a divine pause — a suspension of mind and thought that would allow us to return to the fullness of the Present Moment. I call this a return to our natural state of Zero — the limitless state that comes when we live in the Now — present, conscious, free of judgment — allowing our hearts to open to the wisdom that already lives within each of us.
It is the core of my Zero Frequency® Program, which is dedicated to helping others wake up and realize their potential and who they are — happy, peaceful, abundant and fully conscious.

It is a beautiful thing that the more we help (and heal) ourselves, the more we will help (and heal) the planet.
As a lifelong practitioner and leading authority on Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving, I have often been asked why create a new program? The answer is simple: today’s seeker needs to be presented truth with down to earth tools, and in a more practical and modern way — one that simultaneously speaks to the mind and heart, while also cutting through many of the mind traps and illusions that prevent us from experiencing truth. Zero Frequency® is this path — a direct pipeline back to who we are — to our true essence.
How fast we get there is up to each of us — minutes, days, years, a lifetime — the choice is ours. But, make no mistake, once experienced, it will change your life forever. It has changed mine. I’ve also seen Zero Frequency® change the lives of thousands of people I speak to each year. I can still see the look on the faces of prison inmates I recently spoke to in South America. I saw the lights start to come on as they began to slowly realize that that they were far more than the circumstances of what they had done, or where they were living. They were still part of the divine fabric from which we all come. They came face-to-face with their divinity.
But, whether we’re in an actual prison, or a prison of our own mind (and it’s all the same thing), it’s up to each of us to turn the light on for ourselves. And what I teach in my Zero Frequency® program is that no two lights will come on in the same way or at the exact same time. We must give space and love to those who are not on our timeframe while taking responsibility for the only thing we can change — ourselves.
I teach that this path to Zero begins with personal responsibility, knowing that we have it in our power to change our world. If we don’t believe this, we will go no deeper. From this point, we learn skillful ways to act from the depths of our being, from Presence. Living from who we are is at the core of Zero Frequency®, a combination of gratitude, letting go, and practicing peace. I often say it’s like returning to our childhood, and the joy and innocence we have lost as time and age have buried who we are.
However, rediscovering this part of us — our true self — is the pathway back to opening our hearts to abundance, peace, and joy. It’s also where all the answers to life’s problems will be found. Best of all, it’s where life becomes the adventure it was always meant to be.
And it can all be yours in an instant.

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