How to help our children discover who they are

(The Secret to a Happy, Peaceful, and Awakened Life)

It’s not easy to be a parent these days.

The real job of a parent will always be to raise happy, peaceful and awakened children. And it’s some of the most important work we can do on the planet.

But, how do we do this in today’s chaotic world? How do we do this when everywhere we look there is some new crisis creeping into our world? Poverty. Unemployment. Violence. Radical terrorists. Political unrest. Any way look it’s an uncertain world. And the problem with uncertainty is that it can easily turn into fear, which will always lead to unhappiness and inner turmoil.

However, there is hope. In fact, I have never been more hopeful in all my life. I have seen too many children, from all across the world, come sweeping into my arms, telling me how much they love my workshops, and how much they love learning to clean, to say thank you, and to let go. More than ever, children are eager to know who they are, where they fit into the world, and what their mission will be.

They desperately want to live beyond the illusion of the world. In other words, our children are sponges who are ready to soak up whatever we give them. This is our hope.

But, what will we give them?

As parent’s it’s tempting to want to arm our children for the battle we think they need to fight. We tell them life is hard, buckle down, get serious, eat your vegetables, brush your teeth. And, of course, we tell them that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

We think we are preparing them for the big bad world out there.

But, here’s the truth. The world isn’t bad. Yes, it’s challenging. Overwhelming. Even scary. But, it’s perfect just the way it is. Yes, I know the evidence can point to the contrary, and there are millions of people who will happily do the pointing for you. But, that’s only if we’re looking at life from the limiting point of our mind, or the ego, or the way other people live.

If we look deep within our hearts and touch the heart of God, we will see that all is just as it should be. And that everything is a blessing in disguise. And that our challenges are there to make us better and stronger.

Want to help your children transform challenges into opportunities?

Want to raise happy, peaceful and awakened children?

You can start by showing your child the perfection of the world and the beauty in each moment (it’s a blessing that you must first look for that perfection yourself).

You can help disarm your children from the same fight that others are waging, and instead show them how to seek the inner peace that is always present from within.

You can help your children unlearn what society is telling them they should focus on and believe in, and instead, teach them to seek only the guidance that comes from their heart.

You can pay attention to your children. Listen to them. And support their dreams and passions.

And above all, you can help your children look life squarely in the eye and say thank you. It is this cultivation of divine gratitude that will allow them to appreciate whatever comes their way, not just for today but forever.

It is this gratitude that will help them live as if every moment and experience has something to teach them, empower them, and free them.

Our job as parents is not to ignore the suffering or chaos in the world, but to transcend it. Our job is to help our children awaken to who they are, which is the only way we can help them live happy and peaceful lives. Encourage them to believe in themselves and dare to be different.

Come with them to this Free Community Event. Give them and yourself the gift of inner peace, effective communication and show them where their power resides and how they can change their lives without depending on anybody or anything outside themselves.

Let us all awaken together.

If you’re a youth (ages 10-18), parent, teacher, or mentor who would like to discover new ways to bring peace, happiness and awareness into your life (or your child’s), come join us for the Easiest Way to Confidence and Peace Workshop, being held this Saturday, February 11, in Los Angeles, California. It’s going to be an eye-opening event. And fun too. Best of all, it’s FREE. You don’t have anything to lose and lots to gain.

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