How do you want to live this holiday season?

We have two choices: We can focus on memories and pain, or we can focus on gratitude and joy.

December is the month in which so many of our feelings and emotions come to the surface. Shopping, memories, absences…there are so many things that can overwhelm us. But these holidays also give us the opportunity to evaluate the path we have traveled and be grateful for everything we have experienced.

Take time to quiet your mind and think about what is the real meaning of the holidays. It is the birth of something new. It is time for introspection, to look inside our own hearts.

The holidays are about much more than buying gifts and social commitments. It is time to find yourself — to close cycles and then start again with a grateful heart full of faith and hope that the best is yet to come.

Love, forgive, heal and be thankful for each of the experiences you have had this year. Not only the good ones. Also, appreciate those experiences that have caused you pain, the ones you think were negatives. Remember everything happens for a reason, and it is our responsibility to see all the Blessings that these experiences have brought to our lives.

Take one of the experiences that you consider negative and look for at least five positive outcomes from it. Ask yourself what did you learn? And how does that help you to be a better person? How are you now better prepared for new challenges? I know it might be difficult for someone who has no job, lost a loved one, or faces health problems, but the truth is that we all grow as a result of our experiences.

It is essential to be grateful for what we have. This gratitude will attract even greater blessings during the next year.

You can live these days from a place of complaining and suffering, or you can live them from a place of forgiveness and gratitude. You alone will decide how you want to feel.

Also, remember that true gifts are given from the heart. Giving with love is essential. A true gift is given unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. That is the secret. There are thousands of creative and loving gifts that we can give to our loved ones where the value is not monetary. What is appreciated and treasured is the Love with which presents are given and received.

Remember, this is the season to give LOVE.

In Ho’oponopono, we bring love and gratitude. We put God (Love) first. We work on those shared memories that create so much hate, arguments, etc. What is erased from us is erased from everyone. When we change, then others change. It is the best gift we can give to others. We appreciate everything, even what we don’t like, knowing that these are all opportunities to free ourselves. By freeing ourselves, we give the possibility for others to free themselves and find the way to love and happiness. We let go of the need to be right or to have the last word. And it all happens the moment we choose to be at peace.

I give you my Love and my Appreciation.


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