peace within is world peace
Peace within is world peace Mabel Katz

Ho’oponopono and the intellect

hooponopono intellect

In Ho’oponopono we learn that the intellect was not created to know, it was created to choose. That is the only function of the intellect. We are to let go or not to let go, to be right or not to be right, to have the last word or not. We have a choice, to do it the intellect’s way or God’s way.

This trip to Israel made me more aware of how our ancestors knew that the only way to see and experience miracles was through faith, and that by staying united they would find the strength to confront whatever challenges came their way. They knew that the solution to their problems was going to come from the heavens. The answer was not on the Earth.

Unfortunately, as we evolved and became more educated, we separated more and more from the source and decided that we know better and that we are going to resolve it.

Somehow we have become confused. We believe we are supposed to fill our intellect with knowledge, but the intellect was given to us to choose between thinking and engaging or letting go.

We have become so entrenched in the belief that the intellect’s purpose is storing and understanding information, that we base our sense of identity on this idea. Our intellect thus tries to become something that it is not and is always pushing us to be something that we are not meant to be.

In order to break this cycle we need to realize that we are wise by nature, and that our wisdom does not reside in the intellect. Our creativity is not in our intellect either. Creativity is our natural state. It comes and works in ways that we cannot explain. In reality, our ideas and actions come only from Inspiration or memories.

Now, Inspiration can only come when you are empty and open. It cannot come when you are talking, thinking or worrying. In order to achieve your maximum potential, you must become like children again, wise children. You must trust that you are guided and protected when you are not thinking or worrying and be open to all possibilities. You need to go back to your roots, to the time before you became so educated that you lost track of who you really are.

We are the ones complicating our existence. We are the ones thinking we know what is good for us and we make lists of what we want to attract, how much and when, when in fact we don’t have a clue of what is good for us, and on top of that, who are we making the list for? We actually make lists for the Creator, who knows us better than anyone and knows what we need and when we need it. We are very arrogant, indeed.

Anthony De Mello puts it simply, “When you become conscious and aware, you become wiser. That is what you call real self-growth. Understand your pride and it will drop – what results will be humility. Understand your unhappiness and it will disappear – what results is the state of happiness. Understand your fears and they will melt – the resultant state is love. Understand your attachments and they will vanish – the consequence is freedom.”

Think of nature. Look at the flowers for example. There is no way we humans can create such beauty. We need to admit there is a Divine intelligence. Think of your body. You do not need to think how to breathe or how to make your heart pump. We are surrounded by Divine miracles.

Return to the wonder and awe of your childhood. Use the intellect for its intended purpose instead of allowing it to drive you mad. Once you open your heart and cease trying to control reality, wonderful things will begin to pop up all around, and you will recover your sense of joy and freedom.

The truth shall set you free!

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