peace within is world peace
Peace within is world peace Mabel Katz

Together We Can do it

I believe

I believe and just know in my heart that in a conscious and aware world all things are possible…

If we are to obtain global Peace we must first find inner Peace. You see, Peace Begins with Me; if I am at Peace, the world around me will be at Peace, it is not the other way around.




As I take 100% responsibility to free myself from the conflicts and wars in my mind and turn them over; I let go and let God (The Universe). I become more humble. I realize I do not know anything. Only God (The Universe) knows. As I let go, I become an open channel to the goodness of the universe. I can appreciate things in a different way and become more grateful. I am conscious now. I found my freedom, peace is my way.




As I let go, I allow God (The Universe) to cleanse my beliefs, opinions and judgments, I am letting go of the errors that attract and cause conflicts and wars.




I am not my beliefs, opinions and judgments. As I discover who I really am, I know I can set myself free by letting go of whatever is not me. As I set myself free, I set my World free.



The peace that begins with me is the first, the foremost, it is the peace within our souls. If we realize our relationship and oneness with the universe is the power we have within to let go, we would reach inner peace automatically.




 This is the peace that reflects, through us and around us, and as the reflection grows, it grows within our families, neighbors, communities and then nations. We must wake-up and understand, there can never be peace between nations until there is peace within the souls of men.




I know you believe what I believe. We need to do it together. We need to support each other and set the example to be able to make this dream comes true. I know in my heart you share my vision. I know your heart is longing for happiness, Peace and freedom too.




Conflicts and wars cannot stand when we let go and brake from the slavery of ours beliefs, opinions and judgments.




Let’s join hands in solidarity for Peace. I believe united we can do it, we can create global Peace.

Here is how we are going to do it

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