Thank you for sharing your peace with us

Your Free Peace Screensaver Gift

I am so excited that you joined the World Peace Campaign! That means we are one more person closer to reaching everyone in the world.

I am sharing the Peace Screensaver with you so every time you leave your computer idle a beautiful peace reminder will appear. If you work in an office or around others the peace reminder will affect everyone in eyesight.

Windows version, click HERE

Mac version, click HERE

After you download, note where it is saved on your computer then, go to your computer settings and select the file as your screensaver.

You can continue to spread World Peace starting right now…

1. Get your Peace t-shirt or bracelet here:

2. Copy and paste this post to your Facebook or Twitter so your friends can join us:

I just joined a World Peace Campaign! PEACE begins with ME. Get your Free Peace Screensaver at

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