“Keep letting go and trusting'” · Mabel’s interview with Sasha Simovic · Belgrade, November 2017

Mabel Katz at Immigrants House

Our children can be happy now

Mabel Katz on Heart of All Women – Together we WILL change the world · June 2017

Mabel katz. Who am i?. SPAIN, 2017

Desiree Today with MabelKatz, shares The Easiest Way to Confidence & Peace. February 2017

Interview in Hungary in Metime · October 2016

Ho-oponopono, What is right and perfect for us? Serbia, December 2015.

Como criar hijos felices con Ho’oponopono Entrevista a Mabel en Organización Kadima.

Would you like to know how to raise happy kids with Ho’oponopono?
English Subtitules –  2016. – Mabel was interviewed by Niños de Ahora.


Ho-oponopono, What is right and perfect for us? Serbia, December 2015.

Ho’oponopono. Mabel Katz is interviewed by Enlace Judío at Kadima Organization in Mexico Mexico, March 2016.

Ho-oponopono, What is right and perfect for us? Serbia, December 2015.

What is right and perfect for us? Serbia, March 2016.

Karen Berg interviews Mabel Katz and they talk about Peace and the importance of joining forces.. February 2016

Weekly Show in Humanitarian Radio with Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview about Ho’oponopono, practice of problem solving for achieving peace, clarity of purpose and living more effectively. February 2016

Ho’oponopono and World Peace
Interview with Mabel Katz, Public Peace Prize Laureate as Peace Weaver.

February 2015 

Interview with the Peace Ambassador Mabel Katz in Budapest –

Mabel Katz & Ismael Cala – Ho’oponopono – CNN – Part1.– May, 2014

Mabel Katz & Ismael Cala – Ho’oponopono – CNN – Part2. – May, 2014

Interview with Mabel Katz in CNN Latino, Los Angeles. – October, 2013

Mabel Katz is interviewed for the ” No Limits ” program by Elizabeth Espinoza CNN. – January, 2014

Hawaiian ancient art called Ho’oponopono. Mabel in Sin Limites , CNN Latino ..– July, 2013

Mabel Katz is interviewed by José Hernandez High School Students. – Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Mabel Katz in Radio Program ‘ La Reintegración, el Camino hacia la Paz’. – Bogotá, Colombia

 Ho’oponopono: The Easiest Way to Live. Mabel from Tel Aviv, Israel. Esperanza Argentina RadioArgentina – May 19, 2014 


Interview with Mabel Katz.
Interview with Mabel Katz about Ho’oponopono, Zero Frequency® and The Peace project.
Hungary – November 7th, 2013

sin-titulo-2Pathways to Paradise, Order of St. John, Hawaii Priory – 2012. –

In Spanish – Radio Interview with Mabel Katz.
The Easiest Way to Live

Señal Informativa – Canal 44. Guadalajara, Mexico – March 12, 2014 

In Spanish – Article: Cómo tener Paz Interior – Ho’oponopono – Mabel Katz
Click HERE  to watch the interview
Dentro de Mí. Switzerland, February 2014 

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