The Koran and the Bible

What an incredible learning experience I had during my training in Bristol, UK. The person that organized for me was a big Muslim guy from Ghana. He picked me up at the airport and on the way to the hotel I was shocked when he asked me: “You have a Christian background, don’t you?” Well, you can guess what my response was: “No, I am Jewish.” He then mentioned that many of his Muslims friends were coming to the training. We agreed to meet later and talk about what I could say and couldn’t say and I was a little bit nervous about it, because I am always myself during trainings. I don’t prepare, I am spontaneous and whatever comes to me, I say.

The worst thing I can do is to prepare in advance for my classes. For me it is very important to flow and come from Inspiration. When we met that afternoon as we were going through the dos and don’ts, at one point in the conversation I just said to him, “I want you to know that I am going to say what God wants me to say!”

Well, during the training and to my surprise, the Muslims were open, flexible, nice, and happy to hear what I had to say. My only protester was a religious Christian lady that initially challenged me about everything I said and questioned where my information was coming from. As the training (cleaning) progressed, so did her attitude toward me. She started finding correlations in what I said, and then lining it up with scriptures. She kept comparing with us how my teachings were the same as what was in the Bible. As she recited the scriptures she would make us aware of how what I was saying was actually coinciding with what is written in the Bible.

The class ended up being a fun competition between Ho’oponopono, the Koran and the Bible. We had a great time just finding the commonalities of how everybody’s religious backgrounds were actually saying the same thing. I know some of you remember me saying that throughout my trips I keep finding and confirming that we are ALL FAMILY. We need to do more cleaning, keep our mouths shut and LISTEN! We are all saying the same thing, maybe using different names!!

I want to revisit with you my experience with the Palestinian in Chile that left such an impression on me, one that I will never forget: A couple of years ago I was teaching Ho’oponopono in Chile. The training was all day Saturday and a half day on Sunday. At the first break on Saturday morning, a Palestinian man came up to me and told me that he didn’t agree with anything I had just shared with them. He also told me that he really didn’t want to come to the class because when he saw my Jewish last name he thought, “What does she have to teach me?” He went on telling me everything he believed and when he finished, to his surprise, I told him that I agreed with everything he had just told me. I asked him to be open and flexible because I thought that we were talking about the same thing, maybe calling it different names. He accepted and decided to stay. The next morning, he shared the most amazing story with the class about a serious problem with the police the night before. He used one of the tools I had given them on Saturday and couldn’t believe the results. He was amazed at how things had resolved in a miraculous way. At the end of the class, he gave me a huge hug and screamed “This is Peace in the Middle East.”

How wonderful to discover that the truth is only one and we are all searching for the same truth. That we look different but we are all part of the same family and we all come from the same Father.

All I can say is that this training was a real experience for me about how the cleaning works, that there are no accidents of who comes to the training and that God (whatever name you call Him) knows exactly what everybody in the room needs to hear.

My only regret; I couldn’t hug these beautiful Muslims souls that showed up to give me this amazing opportunity to clean. I told them, really “Too bad I cannot hug you,” because I would have loved to have shared a hug.

Incredible what this cleaning did, and realizing it was an opportunity to clean with all our ancestors as well! As Dr. Ihaleakalá says, we don’t come alone to the training, we bring our ancestors, and they all have their fingers crossed. Why? Because whatever gets erased from us, gets erased from them, so they are hoping we get it this time!!!

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